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Welcome on the website of Florian Chávez Juárez dedicated to economics. On this site you can find working papers, publications and a lot more stuff. I try to update the content of this website on a regular basis.

You currently find the following issues on this site: I welcome you again on the site and hope you'll find some interesting stuff. Please contact me for any suggestion or question!


01.11.2018 - New Publication: agent-based model on conditional cash transfer programs
I am excited to announce that my latest paper has been published by Plos One. The article analysis the potential effects of conditional cash transfer programs on intergenerational educational mobility. The model shows that such programs have potentially large effect, but that the size of the effect critically depends on the definition of the target group and the type of conditioning of transfers. Read all

27.08.2018 - New publication: How do governments determine policy priorities? Studying development strategies through spillover networks
I am happy to announce that our article on public policy priorities has been published in the Journal of Economics Behavior and Organization! In the paper we use agent-based modelling and network theory to analyse the relationship among different development indicators. The model is able to reproduce a series of stylised facts and can inform policy makers where a particular country should invest Read all

01.06.2017 - New Simulation Unit at the LNPP (with job opportunities)
I am thrilled to announce that I will be the head of the newly created unit within the National Laboratory for Public Policies dedicated to simulation models for the analysis of public policies. Our unit will develop and use computational models to participate in the scientific discussion through publications and to inform policy makers ex-ante about possible effects of policy measures in the spec Read all

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